10 Things to Know Before Going Backpacking

Have you ever gone on a camping trip that was a catastrophe despite bringing everything you needed? Maybe you had matches but couldn’t start a fire. More than just adequate gear is required to ensure a safe and pleasurable wilderness adventure. You’ll need to know a few things, and the list below will get you started.

1. Learn how to make a fire. If necessary, practice in your yard, but try to start that fire with just one match. Try it again the next time it rains.

2. Learn how to set up a tent. If you get it wrong, the rain will come in and the wind will rip the seams. Tents should be tightly pitched, and you should be able to set up your tent in a matter of minutes.

3. Figure out how to keep warm. Camp in your backyard to observe how blocking the wind, wearing a cap, and eating fatty meals before bed might help you stay warm.

4. Learn how to cook over an open fire. It’s not as simple as it appears. Keep the fire small and concentrated by blocking the breeze and covering the pan. Time yourself as you practice. In a pinch, faster is better, and it’s always possible that your stove will break.

5. Research edible plants. Knowing how to recognize cattails and three or four wild edible berries can improve the enjoyment of a journey, especially if you ever lose your food to a bear.

6. Figure out how to walk. You’ll be less exhausted and less likely to twist an ankle if you learn how to pace yourself and move smoothly across uneven terrain.

7. Research animals. Can you determine whether a bear is “bluff charging” or stalking you? If it’s the latter, pretending to be dead will turn you into a bear’s lunch. Hint: a lot of noise usually suggests he’s trying to scare you, but you should do your homework on this one.

8. Learn to observe the sky. Is there going to be a lightning storm? When you’re on that ridge, it could be useful to know. Learn the fundamentals of weather forecasting and you’ll be much safer.

9. Learn the fundamentals of first aid. Can you identify hypothermia symptoms? Do you know how to cure blisters properly? Things to be aware of.

10. Learn how to navigate. Maps are useless unless you know how to use them. Compasses are the same way. Explore Best 10 Holiday Activities to Bond With Family 

You don’t have to be a wilderness survival expert to have a safe hiking vacation. However, knowing a bit more can be beneficial. Use the list of backpacking skills above to learn something new.

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