6 Best Travel Gifts for the Holidays That Everyone Will Love

In the holiday spirit? If you’re looking for the perfect gift that is both thoughtful and travel-inspired, you’ve come to the right place. This list will give you some great ideas for anyone who loves to travel—because who doesn’t?! If you know someone who has been itching to get out of town this holiday season, these gifts are sure to please. From stocking stuffers like tiny notebooks and passport covers to more substantial items like luggage tags and luggage scales, we have something for everyone on your list. From avid travelers to that craving wanderlust, here are our top 6 picks for the best travel gifts when traveling with friends or family members. These are things that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves but will be grateful to have!

1, A Tiny Notebook for Everyone
A great gift for the aspiring writer. This tiny notebook is perfect for jotting down travel memories or dreams. It’s small enough to toss into a bag or even a pocket, so you’ll never forget to record your ideas and thoughts on the go. The cover is made of fabric that you can easily change out when it gets too full—and it’s washable, too! This is one of those gifts that people don’t necessarily buy for themselves but will be grateful for once they start filling it up. It’s the perfect gift for the aspiring travel journalist or even a regular ol’ traveler with a passion for writing. The fabric cover makes it easy to change out when it gets too full. The notebook is also very compact and lightweight, making it perfect for stuffing in a purse or pocket.

2. A Portable Charger for the Traveler Who Has Everything

A portable charger is one of those travel gifts that everyone will find a use for, no matter what their level of travel experience. Whether you’re an experienced globetrotter or a student heading off to school for the first time, a portable charger is a must-have item. This charger comes with two USB ports, so you can charge two devices at once. The charger has a built-in safety system to protect your devices from receiving too much power. The charger also comes with a micro-USB cable, so you can charge it with your laptop or a USB plug. It’s compatible with Android and iPhone devices, and it’s even TSA-approved, making it the perfect travel gift for anyone who is always on the go. This charger has a large capacity and a long battery life, making it a great option for frequent travelers.

3. Tags to Help Track Lost Luggage

Luggage tags have come a long way since the days of plastic strips tied onto your suitcase with a piece of twine. Now you can find dozens of customizable designs that make your luggage stand out from the rest. These tags are made of thick, sturdy fabric and feature a large area for you to write your information, like name, address, and phone number. The fabric makes them very durable and easy to spot in a crowd. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so everyone on your gift list can choose the ones that fit their personality best. These luggage tags are very inexpensive and make great stocking stuffers for any traveler on your gift list. These tags come with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can be sure the recipient will be satisfied with them. The company even offers a lifetime warranty on the tags.

4. A Compact Camera for the Pro Traveler

The gift of a camera might seem a little extravagant, but it’s the perfect gift for the avid shutterbug. This compact camera is super lightweight and easy to travel with, making it a great gift for the photographer who likes to travel light. It’s also a very attractive camera with a sleek, silver design, making it great for displaying on a shelf when it’s not in use, like the proud travel memento it is. This camera has a large 20-megapixel sensor and a wide-angle lens with a built-in ND filter. It also features a large LCD screen on the back and a touch-sensitive user interface for easy operation. This is a great gift for the travel photographer who is looking for a smaller camera that they can easily stash in a bag when they hit the road.

5. An Organizer for the Packing Purist

If the traveler on your gift list is a bit of a packing purist, they’ll love this travel organizer. This bag has plenty of small pockets and compartments to help you sort your clothes and accessories. It’s also a great gift for the over-packer since it helps keep everything in its place. This bag is lightweight and folds up into a small pouch when not in use. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can find one that matches the recipient’s style. This is a great gift for the person who is super organized but also likes to pack lightly. This bag is designed to help you store all your essentials and keep them easily accessible when you need them.

6. A Smart Watch for Hassle-free Travel

The gift of a smartwatch is perfect for the tech-savvy traveler on your list. This watch is loaded with features, including a fitness tracker, a heart rate monitor, and even a built-in translator. The watch can also be paired with your smartphone to show texts, emails, and other notifications on its built-in display. This watch is a great gift for frequent travelers who like to travel light. It can track fitness, receive texts, and even translate languages through the app. This watch is a great gift for the business traveler who wants to stay connected but hates fumbling with their phone. It’s also a great gift for the globetrotter who likes to keep up with their fitness goals while on the road.


As you can see, there are plenty of great travel gifts to choose from. If you know someone who loves to travel, you can’t go wrong with any of these items. And if you’re struggling to decide what to get for a fellow traveler, any of these gifts would make a great choice. You can find travel gifts for everyone on your list—no matter what their interests are. From the avid globetrotter to the eager student, there is something on this list that will please every traveler.

6 best travel gifts for the holidays that everyone will love

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