7 Tips that will save you time at airport security checkpoints


1. Don’t bring “Prohibited Items” to the airport (common sense items like swiss army knives, lighters, etc)

2. Put valuable things like cash, a laptop, and jewelry in your carry-on bag. Cameras and film that hasn’t been developed should also be put in carry-on bags (The X-Ray will not damage film under 800 speed).

3. Tape your contact information or business card to the bottom of the laptop, along with any other valuables you think are important.

4. Don’t wear clothes, accessories, or other things made of metal or foil (such as coins money clips, cell phone, keys, medicine, gum wrappers, batteries, lottery tickets, cigarettes, etc). When it comes to things like coins and keys, put them all in one bag so it’s easier to get them out and put them back in.

5. Don’t wear shoes with metal in them or with thick soles. This is because shoes don’t have to set off the alarm for their own special search procedures to be carried out (so nothing can be hidden in the shoes).

6. Yes, the holidays are coming up, but make sure you wrap the gifts when you get there or ship them instead of bringing them to the airport already wrapped because they will be checked.

7. Get to the airport an hour to an hour and a half before your flight. You will be searched no matter how soon or far away your flight is.

Due to recent events in the world, these new security measures at airports and elsewhere are becoming the norm, and they don’t look like they’ll stop any time soon. But getting educated and following a simple plan can help you avoid some of the problems you might face on this bumpy road we call life.

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