Vacationing at the beach is like heaven or earth for all aqua lovers and fans. The beach vacation is different from the rest where you have the pleasure to get soaked in the sun and sand, experience the ups and downs with the tides, and get carried away with the huge waves. To enjoy the water and water activities there are several beach destinations around the world.

The Capri Islands is an amazingly beautiful coastline. It has no beach yet it is deemed to be one of the best amongst the international beaches. The island has “bathing establishments” in place of beaches. It has a treasure of beach towels, beach balls, and beach bunnies. The island is famous to host the rich and facilitate them with perfect luxuries and exotic Roman art and architecture.

Barcelona can never be overlooked in the count of beach holidays. Barcelona beaches like the Bora Bora, the nude beach Platia de la Mar Bella, Platja de Sant Sebastia, and Platia Barcelona one of the most popular beaches of the world, invite visitors all around the year and from everywhere in the world. Besides the seaside fun and adventure, this city of Spain is also perfect for sightseeing. There are marvelous museums, traditional buildings, and at the display, the magnum opus of some of the great architects like Antonio Gaudi.

Bermuda has always excited the spirits of all the water devotees. The island is known for some of the ravishing beaches with pink sand and greenish water, fishing activity, and uniquely painted homes and cottages. Amongst the well-known beaches of the place is the Horseshoe Bay close to the southern end of the island. This Bay is further divided into smaller coves and bays into both sides and is also home to many good hotels, restaurants, tennis courts, and golf courses. The Astwood Cove is another beach region which is bordered by tall cliffs and beaches with numerous water sports and bewitching flora and fauna. Apart from the beach amusement, the island offers delectable seafood and a peculiar lifestyle that makes your vacation a memorable experience.

Cancun a spontaneously budding tourist destination, also known as Mayan Riviera rests on the ground of the state of Mexico. Cancun is a host to some of the best beaches in the world. These beaches encourage numerous water sports like snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, etc. The Xcaret Nature Park, the Xel Ha, and the Isla Mujeres are the specific places to thrill you with these activities. The temperature of the place revolves around 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Cancun has also many bizarre and eye-catching archaeological sites that keep the tourists busy throughout their visit.

Aruba is a Dutch island located in the southern Caribbean Sea and is known for being the best family beach resort across the globe. The Palm Beach in Aruba with its white sands welcomes young as well as the old from all over the world. Apart from water sports, the place is also a call to golf lovers to enjoy while exploring their talent. The weather of this hurricane-free place is wonderful with an annual average temperature that figures around 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is just the tip of an iceberg for there are many more lovable beach spots like Jamaica, Negril and Montego Bay, Saint Tropez, Italian Riviera etc. to throng and enjoy

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