Amadeus, Microsoft, and Accenture develop AI travel tools to improve travel.


Amadeus has disclosed that, as part of its continuing collaboration strategy, it is collaborating with Microsoft and Accenture to create new AI-powered connections between Microsoft 365 and Cytric Easy, its travel and expenditure platform.

Amadeus is collaborating with Accenture and Avanade to develop and test the travel assistant.

The assistant, which is integrated with Amadeus’ Cytric Easy platform, will make sure that company policies and traveler preferences are met for a more productive and economical experience.

Business travelers will be able to get assistance from the interactive AI assistant with a variety of aspects of their trip, from pre-trip planning and booking to actual travel and post-trip, by using Microsoft technologies like Teams, Microsoft 365, and GPT models from Azure Open AI Service.

The chatbot will ask questions and offer recommendations in a conversational manner in order to suggest the best trip or itinerary possibilities.

“The executive vice president of Amadeus Cytric Solutions, Rudy Daniello, announced that the introduction of a new generative AI-powered chatbot will revolutionize the process of booking business travel. Instead of the traditional sequential display with fixed filters, the chatbot will provide a dynamic and interactive conversational interface, powered by ChatGPT.”

“Business travelers will be able to book trips with even greater ease and save time when fully realized.”

Moreover, Amadeus and Microsoft are developing a new plugin for Microsoft 365 Copilot that combines the capabilities of cutting-edge AI with Microsoft’s office productivity tool.

With the use of natural language prompts, coworkers will be able to effortlessly match and book travel itineraries in a single, comprehensive process within Microsoft 365 with the Cytric Easy plugin for Microsoft 365 Copilot, which is now under development.

With this integration, the travel process will be even more streamlined, resulting in an intelligent and contextually aware end-user experience.

“We are at an extraordinary moment in the technology landscape, where AI is reshaping industries like travel and transforming how we work,” stated Feliz Montpellier, general manager of Microsoft’s global partners.

“We will create more value for corporations and much more personalized and productive experiences for travelers through expanded integrations between Microsoft and Amadeus.”

The partnership is part of a larger plan to revolutionize business travel and make sure that generative AI solutions can be developed responsibly and expanded internationally.

Together, the three industry leaders in technology are developing highly contextualized and hyper-personalized journeys within Teams and Microsoft 365 that maximize value for every journey.

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