Can I book a hotel room for just a few hours?


Yes, you can reserve a hotel room for only a few hours, to give you a quick response. This is often referred to as a “day use” or “short stay” room. Day-use rooms are typically available during the daytime hours and are meant for guests who need a place to rest and relax for a few hours. They are usually less expensive than a traditional hotel room, and you can often find them at airports or in business districts. But before you do that, there are a few things you should bear in mind.

  • The majority of hotels need a minimum stay, usually between three and five nights. But you can reserve a room for a short period of time at some hotels. To find out the hotel’s policy, you might need to call them in advance.

  • Second, the daily fee for a short-stay room will probably be applied. Therefore, it’s crucial to compare prices even if you only want to stay for a few hours to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

  • Last but not least, be sure you are familiar with the hotel’s cancellation policy. Some hotels impose fees if cancellations are not made at least 24 hours in advance.

Things to consider

There are several limitations when reserving day rates as opposed to a standard overnight rate. Before making a reservation, take into account the following.

  • Availability of hotel facilities

If you make a reservation at an hourly rate, you might not have access to all of the hotel amenities while you are there. Your access will typically be confined to a facility like a hotel pool if it is. Additionally, you might or might not have had access to a free dinner if you were qualified for one (a lot of breakfast times will end at your time of check-in).

  • Booking through partner sites

One of the most common ways to book a hotel for a day rate or hourly rate is to use specific third-party websites. These are useful since they make it very simple to find hotels that charge by the hour and because they can provide you specific booking windows.

The truth is that you are not obligated to use these websites at all times. On occasion, you can call the hotel directly to make an hourly or daily rate reservation.

There are a few things to keep in mind, though, when doing this

  • You might not initially have access to all the options that a partner site would provide. For instance, if you make a straight reservation, your sole options might be between 8am and 5pm. If you utilized a partner website in the interim, you might have a selection of time windows to pick from.

  • Second, numerous hotel staff who answered the phone when we inquired about these offers seemed uninterested in making a “special booking,” and instead simply sent us to partner websites.

Therefore, you might need to apply some pressure to the agent or call back and speak to another one later if you want to make a straight reservation.

For these stays, points can be accumulated.

When asked a lot of hotels whether they would give points for particular stays, and we got a variety of answers. Some claimed they wouldn’t award points, while others asserted they would. Even some properties made it clear that you would be paid less per point you got.

As some properties made clear, guests do not accrue points while making reservations through third-party websites, which is one reason you might choose to make your appointment directly.

If you are sincere in earning points or elite credits for your stay, your best bet is to contact the particular hotel and inquire about their rules.

Elite Benefits

Numerous hotels offered the notion that they would provide the same upscale benefits for an ordinary night’s stay. For instance, if you have Hilton Diamond status, you would still be able to use the lounge. You might still be eligible for an upgrade in some cases.

With early check-in and late check-out, things do seem to get a little more complicated because you are juggling two completely different sets of schedules.

However, I’d guess that because of your elite status, you could still enter or depart a little early if you politely requested it and there were no capacity issues.

Particular Types of Rooms 

The ability to reserve hourly rates for any available room, including suites and junior suites, may be available at some hotels while others may limit your ability to book specific room times. The majority of hotels appeared to have all of their inventory available at this day’s pricing.

Customizing Your Time Slot

After calling multiple properties, we had trouble finding somewhere that would take a specified time frame for a day booking. For instance, booking a hotel room for just one or two hours didn’t seem practical.

Hotels usually provide a standard hourly range, such as 8am to 6pm. However, several of the houses sounded as though they may be more forgiving in this aspect.

Therefore, it could be challenging to find a hotel that will allow you to do that unless you really make a compelling case for it or book through a partner if you require a room at a specific time that is not within the regular business hour range.

Time blocks are used in several hotels.

At certain times of the year, certain hotels will limit the availability of day rates and hourly rates. For instance, during the busy Christmas season, a hotel might not permit you to book a day rate. Additionally, this might happen at significant events and conferences.

If you reserve a daily fee, you might not be allowed to use the pool. 

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