Discover the top 10 most livable cities in the world for 2023

What characteristics define a city as truly livable? Infrastructure, healthcare, culture, environment, safety, and stability all have an impact. The Global Livability Index is a yearly publication of the Economist Intelligence Unit. Based on a number of criteria, this index rates significant cities. The ten most livable cities to consider relocating to in 2023 are listed below as the world recovers from the pandemic:

1. Austria’s Vienna

The world’s most livable city title goes to Vienna for the third consecutive year. The capital of Austria shines in terms of security, facilities, healthcare, and instruction. On a cultural level, Vienna is recognized for its music, cafes, imperial buildings, and flower-filled parks. In every livability category, the city came in the top 10, giving Vienna yet another advantage.

2. Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen

In 2023, this Danish city will overtake Zurich to take second place. One of the happiest cities in the world is Copenhagen, which is frequently lauded for this fact. This is because there is a harmonious balance between work and personal life, as well as a welcoming environment. Locals ride bicycles along the city’s clean streets and waterfront. Copenhagen also has a strong economy, first-rate healthcare, and top-notch education. The norm in this urban sustainability leader is green living.

3. Switzerland’s Zurich

On this year’s index, Zurich drops from second to third after being pushed out of it. Because of its stunning scenery, first-rate services, robust economy, and cutting-edge amenities, Zurich is a fantastic city to call home. It is pure livability to stroll along the pristine Lake Zurich and take in the neighboring Alpine vistas before returning home.

4. Canada’s Calgary

This western Canadian city climbed the list this year to claim the fourth position. Residents are drawn to Calgary by its pleasant climate, safety, high standard of living, and helpful residents. The city strikes a balance between its history in the oil and gas sector and its progressive sustainability objectives. Calgary’s desirable location, with the Rocky Mountains at its doorstep, further increases its livability.

5. Canada’s Vancouver

Vancouver continues to be the top-ranked representative for Canada, in fifth place. Vancouver’s natural beauty takes center stage because it is tucked between the sea and the mountains. The city is well recognized for its emphasis on making it simple to walk around, for having many people and buildings close together, and for having public places available. Vancouver has a high standard of living thanks to its clean air, free healthcare, and cultural diversity.

6. Geneva, Switzerland

Hamburg and Geneva switch places this year, with Geneva coming in sixth. Because it is the location of the Red Cross and United Nations headquarters, Geneva is significant on a global scale. Additionally, it serves as Switzerland’s financial and diplomatic hub. Along the banks of Lac Léman, Geneva is renowned for its scenic surroundings. It is a tranquil haven with first-rate healthcare, safety, and transportation.

7. Germany’s Frankfurt

The financial hub of Germany moved up one spot to seventh place in 2023. High-paying jobs, contemporary infrastructure, culture, and safety all make Frankfurt attractive. The city combines cutting-edge green spaces and technology with its history in banking. Frankfurt Airport, which is conveniently situated, links locals to the rest of Europe and beyond.

8. Canada’s Toronto

Canada’s largest city, Toronto, has more than 6 million citizens and is ranked seventh. This Great Lakes port city offers mixed neighborhoods alongside big-city bustle. Toronto consistently ranks first on lists of the safest major cities in North America. Toronto receives good rankings for culture thanks to its vibrant cuisine, arts, and sports scenes.

9. The Netherlands’ Amsterdam

Despite a modest decline, picturesque Amsterdam is still among the top 10 this year. The famous cityscape of Amsterdam consists of canals and tiny, historic homes. In this environmentally conscious neighborhood, cyclists rule the very bikeable streets. Amsterdam is also renowned for its stability, culture, and quality healthcare. However, the cost of housing is starting to increase.

10. Japan’s Osaka

Osaka, which beat off Melbourne, is this year’s fresh entrance for Japan into the top 10. Osaka, historically the center of Japan’s trade, is both active and livable. The locals adore the arts, comedy, and gourmet scene. Osaka’s small size and extensive transportation system make it a commuter-friendly city as well. The second-largest Japanese city is always having fun.

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The most livable cities in 2023 will be primarily found in Australia, Canada, and northern Europe. These ideal cities have stability, safety, sustainability, culture, and good infrastructure. But when new contenders enter the race and urban dwellers’ requirements change, the list keeps changing year after year. The viability of cities will continue to be put to the test in the post-pandemic era.

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