Flying with a baby? Discover the Ultimate Seat Hack for Stress-Free Travel

Traveling with an infant or toddler on a plane can be nerve-wracking for any parent. Restless little ones in a confined space miles above the ground? It’s a recipe for stress. But choosing where to sit on the plane can make the journey much smoother for you and your child.

This article reveals the ideal spots to book if flying with babies or young kids. We’ll go over locations that allow easy access, ample space, convenient amenities, minimal noise, and all the other features that support peaceful flying with tiny travelers.

With these insider tips for scoping out the best baby seats on planes, you can relax knowing your child will be as comfortable as possible up in the air. Turbulence and tantrums will be kept to a minimum, so your family can actually enjoy the journey. Let’s discover the prime positions that transform any flight with a baby or toddler into smooth sailing!

Bulkhead Seats

Bulkhead seats, located in the first row of each section, are prime real estate for flying with infants or toddlers, say moms in the know. You’ll have ample legroom and space for diaper bags, strollers, and other baby gear, notes travel pro Natalie Compton. Your kid can stretch out, or you can set up a portable crib.

Bulkheads also give easy access for walking around and rocking a fussy baby without disturbing other passengers as much. There are bassinets on some planes, allowing babies to sleep safely strapped close by. Plus, no seats recline into your space. The only caveat is that bulkheads lack under-seat storage for bags. But you can request space in overhead bins instead.

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Aisle Seats in the Center Section

Aisle seats offer parents the ability to walk around freely without crawling over other passengers. This allows rocking, bouncing, swaying, or walking with unhappy babies to soothe them, parenting educator Elizabeth Pantley explains. Opt for a seat near the wing in the middle section where there’s just one aisle neighbor to bother when taking crying babies for pacing breaks. You’ll have easy access to the lavatory for diaper changes too.

Window Seats Near the Back

Further back in the cabin, noise and turbulence are reduced for easier sleeping, according to The Points Guy, Brian Kelly. Booking a window seat in the rear provides a solid wall to lean against for nursing or babywearing. It also limits disturbances to others when babies cry or kick. Gazing out the window can calm and entertain older babies as well. Just be aware of the limited accessibility to the aisle. And be sure to board early to claim your preferred window spot in the tail section.

Near Exits with Extra Legroom

Seats in exit rows or near emergency exits have more generous legroom, making them ideal for babies who need space to stretch out contentedly, according to travel hacker Gilbert Ott. Be sure to confirm the bassinet availability for very young infants. While it costs more, Ott says the extra room is well worth it for peaceful baby flights. You’ll have space to stand and rock babies, plus room for strollers, bags, and carriers. However, exits can be chilly, so bring layers.

Over the Wings

While noisier, seats directly over the aircraft wings allow easier access to bathrooms, advises flight attendant and mom Heather Poole. You’ll be among the first to depart the plane, avoiding antsy babies in long deplaning lines. Temperatures and turbulence may be more moderate too. Poole suggests bringing noise-canceling headphones to mute engine noise if babies are light sleepers. While less ideal than bulkheads, wing seats still beat out rowdy spots in the back that will keep waking your little jet-setters.

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Now you know how to pick the prime airplane seats for stress-free travel with your tiny co-pilots. Seek out spots with ample legroom, convenient aisle access, space for baby gear, minimal disturbances, and comfort amenities like bassinets. Follow these tips to sail smoothly above the clouds with your little ones. The journey can be enjoyable for the whole family when you book smart. Forget wrestling babies and gear in cramped quarters. By strategically scouting the optimum airplane seats for infants ahead of time, you’ll be cruising to an easy, peaceful inflight experience. The sky is the limit when you know how to keep babies happily airborne!

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