Guide to a Hassle-Free Airbnb Checkout: Tips for a Seamless Departure

Checking out of an Airbnb rental doesn’t have to be a disorganized, anxiety-ridden affair. With some preparation and communication, you can avoid checkout catastrophes and make your departure smooth. Here are tips to keep your checkout seamless, prevent any surprises or fees, and wrap up your stay stress-free.

Confirm Expectations in Advance

Before booking, read the listing’s checkout details closely so you know exactly what’s required. Policies may include checkout time, cleaning duties, how to leave keys, and other instructions.

If anything seems unclear, ask the host for clarification before you commit. Setting clear expectations upfront prevents confusion later. Some key questions to have answered:

What time is checkout? This is often 11 a.m. but can vary.

What cleaning tasks are guests expected to complete?

Where should keys be left? Many hosts have lockboxes.

Should you strip all beds and start laundry? Check with the host.

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Give Proper Notice of Departure Time

Don’t wait until the last minute to tell your host when you will depart. As soon as your travel plans firm up, notify them of your anticipated checkout time. This allows the host to coordinate any needed cleaning between guests.

If delays arise that will push back your checkout, communicate this immediately so the host can adjust plans as needed. Explain the situation politely and ask if a slightly late checkout would be possible.

Make Sure Appliances/Electronics Are Off

Before walking out the door, double-check that all appliances, lights, and electronics are powered down. Unplug small devices like coffee makers. Turn off any AC/heat, hot tubs, gas fireplaces, and stoves, and confirm the fridge is closed.

Taking a quick walk-through lets you catch anything accidentally left running; this prevents safety issues or wasted energy for the host.

Remove All Food and Personal Items

Check drawers, shelves, closets, under beds, etc. to ensure no personal belongings or food get left behind. It’s easy to overlook items. Notify the host immediately if you discover anything left behind after the fact.

Also take any opened food, beverages, and alcohol unless the host says it’s okay to leave unopened items. Empty the fridge fully.

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Dispose of Trash Properly

Make sure you’ve taken out all the trash and disposed of it outside according to the host’s instructions. Don’t overstuff containers. Break down bulky boxes and recycle them neatly.

If you’re unsure about local recycling and composting rules, ask the host where to place different items. Leaving excess trash behind is inconsiderate.

Clean Thoughtfully

Refer back to the listing for what cleaning is expected before checkout. In general:

– Wipe down kitchen and bath surfaces

– Sweep floors as needed

– Remove linens and start laundry if requested

– Load and run the dishwasher if dishes are used

– Take out trash and recycle

Aim to leave the property tidy for the next guests. But communicate with the host so you don’t do more than necessary.

Double-check for Personal Belongings

Do a final sweep of the entire rental before handing over the keys. Check the beds and bedside tables, bathroom and kitchen counters, couch cushions and coffee tables, drawers, and closets. Having to ask the host to mail back a left-over item is a hassle.

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Lock Up and Confirm Checkout

Carefully follow the host’s checkout steps regarding windows, heat, lights, alarms, etc. Verify the correct key return process (lockbox, mailbox, in-person).

Let the host know when you’ve officially completed checkout and departed as promised. They will appreciate the confirmation.


Being thoughtful goes a long way during checkout. Following these tips will help ensure your Airbnb hosts sing your praises as a five-star guest after you’ve left!

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