Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals


Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals and Holiday Homes

All pet enthusiasts consider their pets family members. When a family vacations, the pet usually comes along. Thus, pet-friendly vacations and travel planning make sense. 60 million US households have pets, according to statistics. 25% of pet owners travel with their pets and stay in pet-friendly accommodations. Many hotels, vacation rentals, and condos are pet-friendly for pet owners. Here are some pet-travel tips.

1. Double-check pet policies when booking a vacation rental or hotel. Get the “pets allowed” reservation receipt online or via mail. Untrustworthy is verbal promises.

2. Acclimate your pet to travel. Using a car helps. Play with the pet in the car to relax. After a while, drive it. Increase the length of your drives gradually so your pet becomes used to long trips.

3. For safety, get your pet used to being in the automobile. Pet stores sell securing harnesses.

4. Make sure your pet is tagged with its name, owner’s name, and phone number, preferably your vacation rental or cell phone. This will assure your pet’s safe return if it gets lost. Keep a photo of your pet on hand in case it’s lost.

5. Ask your vet whether any vaccines are needed for your destination. Ensure your dog’s collar has a current rabies tag. It may be needed elsewhere.

6. Always tell the check-in personnel that you have a pet when you arrive. Pet-restricted zones in vacation rentals must be followed.

7. Never allow your pet to sit or sleep on pet-friendly vacation rental furniture without a sheet. Place water and food containers on old newspapers in the bathroom to ease cleanup.

8. Don’t leave pets unsupervised in pet-friendly rentals. If so, tell the clerk or rental agency. Be sure to secure your pet so it doesn’t surprise or damage the employees.

Using common sense and care, traveling with pets can be fun.

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