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Bitcoin valuation seems to know no limits, and since a lot of our bitcoin customers are a little (or a lot) on the adventurous side, we wanted to share some of the incredible properties we sell on

You can book with BTC and select other cryptocurrencies on our site. The world is opening back up right now – here are a few of the hotels you might want to consider for a post-pandemic trip.

Frozen Elegance

Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Arguable THE original IceHotel is located in the heart of “Swedish Lapland,” this place keeps the rooms on the chilly side. Their website tells you what you need to know in order to “sleep cold” – the temperature in the hotel is kept to a frosty 23 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll be issued an expedition sleeping bag before you head to your room, and there is also a “warm” building where you can shower or use the sauna. If you’re one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” travelers, it’s hard to imagine an experience more unique than sleeping in a room made of ice. Stay in the IceHotel for .0072 BTC/384 USD/night.

Your Personal Shark Tank Hotel

Atlantis, The Palm
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you know Dubai, you understand that the UAE has a reputation for going big. And Atlantis, the Palm is no exception. The entire property is a water lover’s paradise, but the real star is the 1,700 square feet Neptune Underwater Suite. Floor-to-ceiling windows showcase a stunning view onto the aquarium – home to 65,000 forms of marine life – sharks, rays and many species of fish swim right by your bed as you relax. The suite comes with an elevator to your private lounge, as well as 24-hour butler service and a complimentary interconnecting room for your travel companions or staff. The Neptune Underwater Suite will set you back .12 BTC/6,658 USD/night.

Sleep Like a Fashion Star

Palazzo Versace
Gold Coast, Australia

Any property owned by Donatella Versace is going to be FABULOUS and the Palazzo Versace in Australia’s tony Gold Coast in Queensland does her proud. Opulence and decadence are the design standard, and the Imperial Suite is the fanciest room of the bunch. You’ll have your own private dining room, butler service and a private cabana at the Water Salon (or pool, as us plebeians call it). The room itself is cozy for an Imperial Suite (just over 500 sq. ft.), but every detail is extravagant, down to the walk-in closet for wannabe fashion icons. The Imperial Suite is .058 BTC/3,118 USD/night.

This Hotel is Made of Salt

Hotel Palacio de Sal
Uyuni, Bolivia

It gets thrown around a lot, but the Hotel Palacio de Sal touts itself as an “out-of-this-world” experience and we are here to confirm that it certainly is. This property sits at the edge of the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni, and is built entirely of salt (more than one million blocks to be exact). The property’s style can best be described as avant-garde, with elegantly-appointed rooms, but the real star is the – yes – other-worldly salt flats. Room reservations sell out fast, so book early. Check availability on for rates.

Igloo Glam and a Side of Aurora Borealis

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort
Sodankyla, Finland

So, you may have heard about sleeping in an ice hotel, but have you considered sleeping in an igloo? The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Finland, and they have not one, but two options for igloo rooms. You can stay in the glass-domed igloos you see in this photo which will give you unfettered views of the Northern Lights if you’re lucky, or you can opt into a snow igloo (down sleeping bags will be provided). While the lodging is comfy, the real draw is the plethora of amazing activities you can book through the resort. Reindeer safaris, ice fishing, snow tank safaris, and even Aurora Hunting – an experience of chasing the Aurora Borealis from a snowmobile or skis! Rooms start at .0097 BTC/520 USD/night.

Views that Impress – Crane Hotel

Crane Hotel Faralda Amsterdam
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Their website says “you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it,” but we think the former is much more likely. With only three “suites” available located in the tallest harbor crane in Amsterdam, it’s arguably the most unusual spot to stay in a city full of unique spots. You can also get room service delivered from a Michelin 2* restaurant if you so desire. The decor is less 5* than some, but you’re not really booking a stay in a construction crane if high society is your thing. This hotel screams a unique experience. Suites are .017 BTC/890 USD/night.

What’s Your Fantasy Room?

Fantasyland Hotel
Edmonton, Canada

There are hotels that traffic in kitsch. Think of the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo or the “Prison” Hotel in Ljubljana. But for sheer fantasy? You guessed it. Try the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Canada. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “ do I really want to stay in a “theme” room? A space capsule? A pioneer/western room? A pirate ship?” We definitely think this option is best for families or adults that refuse to grow up. The rooms aren’t super expensive, and they’re great for the ‘gram or TikTok. Rooms start at .0041 BTC/220 USD/night.

Cappadocian Caving Hotel

Seraphim Cave Hotel
Urgup, Turkey

The Cappadocian region of Turkey has many so-called “cave” hotels, with properties literally built into the rocks of the region. Many of these hotels are quite affordable. We chose a gem, the Seraphim Cave Hotel to highlight the property’s effortless elegance. The setting is a historic mansion, built-in in 1853, and features over an acre of picturesque gardens. The King Suite offers a private garden and jacuzzi and ranges in size from 540 to 970 square feet. After a day of sightseeing, you can relax in the Wellness facilities – a Turkish Spa, indoor pool, sauna, and massage rooms. The King Suite goes for .0091 BTC/486 USD/night.

A Property for People Who Like to Be in Their Feelings

Angad Arts Hotel
St. Louis, Missouri

Now you might expect to find a hotel that considers itself a “curator of socially inspiring experiences” to be in New York or Paris or Miami. But no! We bring you this fabulous property located in the St. Louis Arts district. And can we tell you? It’s a trip! Visitors book their rooms by “emotion of color” – Powerful Red, Freedom Blue, Rejuvenation Green, and Curiosity Yellow. The property offers guests a selection of fun bars and restaurants to visit, depending on your mood. The King Suite Grand is a spacious 870 sq. ft., with 1.5 bathrooms, separate living and dining areas, as well as a dishwasher and a kitchenette. Kings Suite Grand starts at .013 BTC/699 USD/night.

The Weirdest Hotel Experience You Can Have in Sri Lanka

Helga’s Folly
Kandy, Sri Lanka

That sounds like a bold statement. The weirdest hotel? Really? We challenge you to visit this psychedelic feast for the eyes and then tell us it’s not the weirdest hotel in Sri Lanka. It’s described by its owner (we think?) – The mysterious Helga” – as “a sumptuous house that would serve Baz Luhrmann should he ever opt to film Moulin Rogue jungle style.” And if that has you scratching your head, we challenge you to open your mind. Rooms start at .0019 BTC/99USD per night.

Please check back with us for more great BTC content and let us know what you’d like to see us write about in the comments section. Happy travels, bitcoin people!

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