The Six Most Common Hotel Room Issues and Their Solutions

 Hotel service isn’t always as flawless as travelers want. People who travel a lot see things that normal customers don’t. Hotels that prevent frequent difficulties have a better chance of keeping their clients and reputation. It’s important for hoteliers to know how to handle any issue and train their staff. Here’s a list of concerns hotel visitors face.

Dirty Rooms

This is a regular issue with lower-end hotels, but it can happen to the best hotels. Uncleanliness is one of the hotel industry’s top reputation killers, whether there are bed bugs or cockroaches in the room. I can’t stress enough how rapidly a complaint against your hotel can spread, therefore try to avoid them. The greatest way to achieve it is to train your team to handle hygiene very well, regardless of the type of accommodation you’re hosting. It’s not necessary to own Ritz-Carlton or Hilton to have clean rooms.

Cold Water

Imagine a fatigued guest at a hotel who just wants a lengthy, hot shower. And no hot water! A guest like this will be angry and expect rapid service. This can ruin your guests’ day, and they won’t be back next year. If the problem is with that room, give the guest a transfer and try to apologize by doing something nice. A bottle of champagne or a spa massage would be great.

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Rude Staff

You can’t afford rude workers in the hotel industry. Nasty statements, laughing at guests and getting into arguments with hotel guests occur every day in hotels around the world. The (un)pleasantness of your staff determines half of your hotel experience, therefore train them well. The simplest method to handle this issue is to hire people who can retain their cool when yelled at. Also, hire problem-solvers for your staff; nothing is more aggravating than a worker who can’t handle an issue.


Guests unload in his room. They open a drawer and find shoes. This happens often when cleaners neglect to check everything and leave behind items from prior guests. Another example is rats or bats in a room. You must realize how horrible this looks, especially because everyone reads online reviews before renting a place.

Bad Rooms

This can be caused by old beds, poor linen, or terrible lighting. The more troubles your hotel visitors have the next day, the less sleep they get. Always have decent mattresses if you want happy guests in the morning. As for the lights, customers often complain about the lighting tone or quality. You can use something modern, like Azoogi, so guests can control the brightness.

Bad Food

So many hotel guests detest hotel cuisine because it can be so terrible in some places. Since millennials are more interested in local experiences than having a good time, it’s crucial to focus on cuisine. There are hotels that focus entirely on gastronomic experiences, but you don’t need to – just employ a local chef who can create wonderful meals.

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Nowadays, information spreads at the speed of light, so a problem may be well-known within the TripAdvisor community before it is reported to the front desk. This is why it’s preferable to avoid difficulties in the first place, even though being prepared to deal with them is as crucial. Addressing these concerns will increase the likelihood that your guests will have a fantastic time and return to your establishment next year.

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