Travel Tips for Accommodation



Research hotels online, noting the amenities and services offered, the location, and potential referrals from other people in addition to the rates. The perfect hotel for you can be chosen with the aid of travel guidebooks. Be as flexible as you can with the timing of your vacation. For instance, business-class hotels frequently offer weekend prices that are lower.

As soon as you have made your online hotel reservations, keep a record of all the hotel information (s). The simplest method is to print out the entire page from your computer screen so that you have a precise record that you may use as proof in the event that a hotel worker loses or enters your information erroneously. Make a copy for yourself and one more for your family so they will know where and when you will be staying and how to reach you in an emergency. Take one copy with you.


Become familiar with the correct check-in and check-out timings. Verify the services and amenities the hotel offers. To get instructions or a local map, ask. To show a taxi driver or a bystander on the street if you get lost, grab a card with the hotel’s name, address, and phone number.

If you don’t inquire, some hotels may offer additional services like laundry, hair dryers, and other amenities that you might not be aware of.

– converters and adapters for voltage,

newspaper delivery

meals provided for free,

– use of a computer, Internet connection, copy machine, printer, and fax machine

– cable TV, video games, and rental films

– folding beds, cribs for babies,

– free shuttle service to the airport

Renting a safe for your cash, jewelry, and documentation

– access fees for phones,

– Mini-bar usage fees,

– excursions and escorted tours.


Everyone needs to prioritize their safety, and you need to take some safeguards. We covered travel security, including hotel security measures, in detail on a separate page, so we won’t go over it here. Leave your key at the front desk when you leave for the day. Verify the closing time. Some hotels do lock up at night, and if you stay out late, you’re expected to keep the key.


Search your space for any leftovers. If you need to stay longer than the standard check-out time, which is typically between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., let the hotel know in advance or they might charge you for an extra night. Check the hotel bill to make sure all the costs are correct.

We hope your journey is successful and secure!

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