Vacationing at Home: Unforgettable Staycation Ideas for Families with Children

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As summer approaches, many families start planning their vacations. However, with the recent pandemic situation and partial travel restrictions in place, people are looking for alternative ways to spend quality time together while staying safe. Staying at home doesn’t have to mean a boring or mundane experience; there are plenty of unforgettable staycation ideas that can create lasting memories for families with children

From backyard camping to virtual museum tours, a staycation provides an opportunity to explore your local area without breaking the bank. And what’s more? It offers a chance to build stronger relationships among family members by engaging in activities that they may not typically do on a day-to-day basis. So let’s dive into some exciting staycation ideas that will keep your whole family entertained throughout the summer!

Outdoor Camping In The Backyard

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Looking for a fun family staycation idea that doesn’t break the bank? Why not try outdoor camping in your own backyard? It’s like regular camping, but with less effort and more access to indoor plumbing. Plus, you can still enjoy all of the classic camping experiences: setting up a tent, cooking over an open fire, and telling ghost stories under the stars.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “But wait, isn’t the whole point of camping to get away from technology?” Well, fear not, because backyard camping allows for all the creature comforts of home. Need some extra blankets or pillows? Just pop them inside and grab them. Forgot some essential camping gear? No problem; just run back to the house and grab it. And if things really start going south (or north), there’s always the option to abandon ship and head back into your cozy bed indoors.

So gather up your sleeping bags, s’mores ingredients, and bug spray (because, let’s face it, mosquitoes are nature’s biggest party poopers) and get ready for a night under the stars—in your own backyard.

And after a good night’s rest outside amidst Mother Nature’s glory, (yes! Even if there were those pesky mosquitos around, why go anywhere when you can bring Hollywood right into your living room by creating a home movie theater experience next?

Create A Home Movie Theater Experience

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Looking for a staycation idea that’ll keep the whole family entertained? Why not create your very own home movie theater experience? With some simple modifications, you can turn any room in your home into a cinema. Begin by choosing an appropriate space. Think living rooms or basements with minimal natural light. and set up comfortable seating arrangements such as bean bags and pillows.

Next, it’s time to transform the room into a cinema-like atmosphere. Create an ambiance by dimming the lights and using scented candles or diffusers to set the mood. You could also consider putting up some decorations, like movie posters or streamers, to make it feel more festive. Once you’ve got everything set up, select a film everyone will enjoy, and get ready to snack on popcorn and candy while enjoying the show!

But why stop at just one movie night? Keep the fun going by having DIY game nights where you can play classic board games like Monopoly or Scrabble or try out new ones like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride. These kinds of activities are great for bonding with loved ones and creating memories that will last long after your staycation is over.

Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to make your upcoming staycation unforgettable, don’t be reluctant to organize DIY game nights and home movie theater experiences—they’ll be a hit with the whole family!

Have A DIY Game Night

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Looking for a fun way to spend your staycation with the kids? Why not have a DIY game night? Gather up some classic board games, set up a card table, and get ready to laugh together. From Monopoly to Clue, there are plenty of options to choose from that will keep everyone entertained. Want to mix things up? Has each member of the family created their own game using materials around the house? This is sure to lead to some creative and hilarious results.

To make your DIY game night even more special, consider making snacks or treats that tie into the theme. For example, if you’re playing Candy Land, whip up some homemade lollipops or cotton candy. If you’re feeling ambitious, try creating a themed dessert buffet where everyone can indulge in their favorite sweets.

After an exciting evening of gaming and snacking, it’s time to wind down and prepare for the next day’s activity: hosting a family cook-off!

Host A Family Cook Off

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Looking for an exciting way to bond with your family during a staycation? Why not host a family cook-off? This is a fun and engaging activity that everyone can participate in, no matter their age or cooking skills. You can choose the theme of the cook-off, such as Mexican cuisine or BBQ dishes, and let each member of the family prepare their own dish. To make things more interesting, you could even turn it into a competition with prizes for the best-tasting dish.

To get started, assign each member of the family a specific role in preparing the meal. For example, someone can be responsible for chopping vegetables while another person handles seasoning and marinating the meat. Make sure to involve everyone in every step of the process so that they feel included and valued. Once all the dishes are prepared, sit down together as a family to enjoy your delicious creations.

After hosting your family cook-off, why not explore your city’s local attractions? There are likely many hidden gems right in your own backyard waiting to be discovered. From museums and art galleries to parks and historical landmarks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Plan out some activities ahead of time based on what interests your family members most, and have fun exploring together!

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Explore Your City Local Attractions

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Looking for a budget-friendly staycation that will keep your kids entertained? Why not explore the local attractions in your city? While some may argue that this option is too common or boring, there are plenty of ways to make it exciting. Start by researching hidden gems and lesser-known spots around town. Take advantage of free tours offered by museums or historical sites, or visit a park you’ve never been to before.

Anticipating the objection that “we’ve already seen everything,” challenge yourself to view familiar sights from a new perspective. For example, try taking a guided walking tour through downtown with an enthusiastic guide who can offer unique insights into the history and architecture of the area. Or rent bikes and ride along scenic routes you haven’t explored yet.

To add extra excitement to your city exploration, turn it into a scavenger hunt by creating a list of items to find or landmarks to photograph. Split up into teams and compete against each other while discovering new parts of your hometown.

Overall, exploring your city’s local attractions offers endless possibilities for adventure without breaking the bank on travel expenses. So grab your family and see what surprises await right in your own backyard!


In conclusion, staycations can be just as memorable and exciting as a trip far away. By getting creative with your activities, you can have an unforgettable experience right in the comfort of your own home. According to a recent survey by AAA, more than half of Americans prefer road trips or local travel over flying for their vacations. This shows that many families are opting for staycations or nearby getaways instead of traveling long distances.

By choosing to explore your city’s local attractions, hosting a family cook-off, or having a DIY game night, you’re not only saving money but also creating lasting memories with your loved ones. So next time you plan a vacation, consider staying close to home and discovering all the hidden gems in your area. With some imagination and effort, you’ll find that adventure is never too far away

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